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Message from Chairman

The session 2019-21 has been the session of upheavals, tumults and turmoils covid 19, a global pendamic left each one of us in sheer shock. Economy of every country has been badly hit. People are unable to cope up with uncommon situation.

But every cloud has silver lining. People have realized the importance of basic necessities. They have realized that luxuries are secondary in life. A big carvan of cars may be possessed by a person but he dreads to step out of the house.

Po=eople have considered lock dovans as a bolt from the blue, but it has brought families together. Childrens get quality time with their parents. I think parents instead of going in depression must develop unique bonding with the children.

Nature was at its best during this pendamic, Beautiful migratory birds could be seen. Aquatic, forest creatures come out of their hiding places to squat and enjoy on empty roads, parks and parking areas. They also give the message that nature can be best enjoyed in pollution free democraphy.

Amidst these circumstances Chanakaya International School kept on planning its strategies to import digital online interaction teaching demos were given, training sessions were held for students as well as teachers regarding online traing programmes.

Class wise time table has been framed

Conduction of class test, Unit test,Periodic test and term examinarion has been framed.

House wise Activites have been organized.

Many online seminar and training  programmes were arranged for the faculty members.

Orientation programme was organized to brief the parents regarding online interactive teaching and learing process.

The institution is committed to the couse of education. It committed to the couse of education. It is the endeour of management to provides wholesome multifacet education. These has been no compromise with the quality. The main objective of management is to be instrumental in ensuring physically.

Mentally, Socially and asthetically strong citizens who are active and alert to tackle difficult situation which they might encounter.