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About School Founder

Our Founder’s Blessing

Sh.Harmail Singh Chandi, Retd. P.P.S.

The institution which  has now become one of the most prestigious in India owes its glory to the founder Sh.Harmail Singh Chandi, Retd. P.P.S. gallantry awardee. The knowledge, zeal, commitment and love for education remain unparalleled.

His Vision was to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skill.


Chanakaya International School Puranpur, Jalandhar is fortunate to have Sr. Harmail Singh Chandi, a dynamic police officer and gallantry awardee as the founder of this prestigious institution. With the blessings of this insightful person, the institution and its premier have won National Awards. The sportspersons have won District, Regional, cluster State and National awards. Even on the Academic Front the standard of quality results have escalated.

The foundation day 2nd February reminds us of the efforts vision and thought process of an intelligent police officer in shaping the future generation. Every generation will owe him gratitude because this idea of imparting education has been translated into reality.

Having vision provides a sense of purpose. It also helps in defining long term and short term goals. Sr. Harmail Singh had a vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved.

Sr. Harmail Singh had a mental picture of the future. His vision about the future of the institution had always been embodiment of his hope and extraordinary power to change the complexity into a simple process.

A vision cannot be related to an ordinary hope or objectives. In fact it does not come from mind or head. It has a selection with our heart. It has a unifying force inspiring spirit and it is a focal point.

He was positive and specific. He responded his faith in a young lady in twenties who is now an experienced principal of this institution. The chairman of the school blossomed and bloomed under the guidance of this ingenious personality.

A down to earth human being who is in unison with Almighty is always showering his blessings on the institution.


I deem it my pleasure that I am attached to this premier institution, which has shown excellence in the academics, sports and co-curricular activities. This premier institution is the brain child of Hare Kripa Education Society. Our school maintains the high standards of quality education and provides knowledge for the sake of knowledge for the betterment of our society and environment. We have been making strategies to make teaching and learning process dynamic and vibrant. Striving for excellence and perfection are its hall marks. The latent talent of the students are being nurtured and groomed. The bright future of India is being shaped in the premises of CIS. Zenith is the limit and all efforts are focused to create congenial environment for emotional and intellectual growth of children.